The world is changing, and changing fast.
You have horses to ready to sell. With the cancellation of traditional sales around the country, where can you sell them? The COVID-19 crisis is keeping buyers and sellers at home. Not being able to move inventory means that your business could come to a halt. There is a way.
This is an auction marketplace that does not close and reaches buyers where they live. Reach them through a proven, cost effective, sale platform. No large crowds and social distancing is possible when horses are picked up.
Join us.

The internet doesn't close

Spring Mixed Sale

Bidding Opens May 20
Bidding Closes May 27
Entry Deadline May 6 
Entry Fee $400
NO RNA Commission
Quantity Discounts on Entry Fees
10+ Entries: $300 ea.
Early Entry Discount
$350 Entry Fee
Offer Ends April 20, 2020

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  1. 2 minutes?
    That's all you get in a sale ring. NOT HERE. Our "soft close" feature keeps your horse in Extended Bidding open as long as people are bidding. Nobody gets "quick hammered".
  2. Reach Buyers Everywhere
    Your horses are offered to buyers everywhere! You're NOT limited to the people at the sale, and a few phone bidders. And if they’re not at the sale ring when you get your 2 minutes...
  3. Save the Trip
    Save the money. Your horses stay at home during the process. No shipping costs. No hotel costs for you or your team. No risk to your horses.
Custom Sales
  • Dispersals
  • Productions
  • Reductions
  • For one "hot horse"

Selling one horse or one hundred, our online auctions can respond quickly to your needs.
Sell on your schedule
Your horses stay at home or at the track during the process. No shipping costs. No hotel costs for you or your team. No risk to your horses.

Strike while the iron is hot.
  • When your horse, or a horse in its family, wins a big race, you can cash in, quickly.
  • We can create a custom auction for your horse in 48 hours.

Thoroughbred Auctions for the 21st Century

Unprecedented Geographic Reach

  • Alabama to Massachusetts
  • California to Florida
  • Delaware to Oregon
  • Florida to Manitoba, Canada
  • Georgia to New Hampshire
  • Iowa to Florida
  • Kansas to Pennsylvania
  • Manitoba, Canada to Virginia
  • Maryland to California
  • Maine to Maryland
  • Michigan to New York
  • North Carolina to Florida
  • New Jersey to Georgia
  • New Mexico to Illinois
  • New York to South Carolina
  • Ohio to Texas
  • Ontario, Canada to Texas
  • Pennsylvania to Ontario, Canada
  • Tennessee to Florida
  • Texas to Manitoba, Canada
  • Texas to Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Virginia to British Columbia, Canada
  • Virginia to California
  • Wisconsin to Texas
  • West Virginia to California